3 Unique and Adventurous Proposal Ideas

If you are considering proposing to your partner, you want it to be as special as possible. Although iconic proposal spots are perfect for some couples, others want something a bit more unique. So, we have put together three unique proposal ideas so you can make sure the proposal is everything you had hoped for and it is a moment you remember for the rest of your lives (for the right reasons!).

Scavenger Hunt

An extremely fun and memorable proposal for a lighthearted and fun loving partner would be a scavenger hunt. You could get family members involved if you wanted to share the moment with your nearest and dearest. Plan the proposal on a special occasion like a birthday or Valentines day so that it doesn’t look suspicious and you don’t give your plans away.

Create a set of clues that take you and your partner to some of your favourite places and towards the end, you could start bringing friends and family in. It could start as a quiet day with the two of you going to your favourite brunch spot, then go to a few other places before finally heading to the perfect spot for your proposal. This requires quite a bit of preparation and planning, however it is one of the most thoughtful and special proposals out there!

A Wildlife Trust

For animal and wildlife lovers, proposing at a wildlife trust is a wonderful idea. The scenery at nature reserves is unparalleled, you are unlikely to bump into anyone else and have a lovely secluded proposal. A wildlife trust proposal is ideal if you have a unique engagement ring and want a location to match it! For a nature lover, select an emerald ring and it will tie in wonderfully with the green surroundings.

The wonderful thing about choosing a wildlife trust is that you will keep going back over your lifetime together as it will become such a special place. During that time, you will be supporting a charity with a passion for conservation and the environment, meaning you are making a big difference by choosing this location!

A Long Walk To A Beautiful Spot

If you are an adventurous couple who love to be outdoors, go for a long walk to a beautiful spot and propose there. This is a way to definitely catch your partner off guard as it isn’t a typical proposal, however having a quiet and secluded spot to keep your special moment private is exactly what some couples would want. You could even ask a loved one to go for a drive and drop off some flowers at the spot when you aren’t too far away.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Three unique locations that you can propose at if you want to break the mould and do something different. No matter where you choose to propose, think of your partner first and foremost and what they would want. Vintage engagement rings are a great match for unique proposals and will show how well you know your special someone.

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