Mistakes To Avoid When Coloring Beard

However, many people consider age as ‘just a number,’ growing old and its signs being visible in the body is inevitable. One of the most dominant and visible signs of aging is the growth of grey hairs on the head and the beards. Recently, keeping well-trimmed and neatly organized beards is the new fashion trend. […]

Make Your Skin Feel Young Again with Facial Therapy

Our skin is our largest and most interesting organ. Unfortunately, it is also the only organ that is constantly exposed to various pollutants in our environment, both inside and out. Chemicals are in our environment and our food, we are exposed to the sun and dust and more. Because of this, skin cells start to […]

10 ways to wear tops and dresses?

Both dresses for girls and tops for girls have tremendous potential when it comes to styling them in more than one way. Also, you can also easily transition them for colder months. In fact these two wardrobe staple can be worn all-round the year without much effort. And with easy access to online shopping sites […]

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ReShape Now Approved by Food and Drug Administration

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has recently approved a new and revolutionary tool for those fighting obesity. This tool is essentially a pair of balloons filled with saline, connected together. These balloons are implanted into the stomach temporarily, which triggers patients to feel fuller, thereby starting their weight loss journey. The ReShape The […]