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The Fab Five: Essentials for the Ultimate Spring 2014 Look

New York Fashion Week may be over, but it’s given us a few ideas about the clothes and accessories that we’ll all be wearing for the next few months. From bare midriffs and bomber jackets to sassy accessories and Diesel watches, the new fashion season has lots of great styles for every young woman to […]

The Importance of Defining your Style in Subtle Fashion Statements

Fashion can be both subtle and expressive at the same time. Essentially, the chemistry of appearance develops in layers. That is the reason why there are innumerable variations of styling. Each unique style represents a separate layer of self-expression. The fashion designers are like wizards shaping moods into clothes and accessories. You need to find […]

Why is it important to have varied hobbies and activities as a model?

To say the industry of modelling is a competitive one would be an understatement. There are hundreds and hundreds of people who want to make a name for themselves in the modelling world. Thus, in order to achieve your dream you need to stand out from the crowd. Yes, you need to tick all of […]

A stylish approach to conventional work-wear

There are many individuals that rely on reputable brands to provide the necessary work apparel required for many job sites and work situations. These folks may become a bit accustomed to the typical looks and options found in work-quality pants, shirts, and other garments, although they may admit to craving a few more stylish alternatives […]