Style Any Outfit With These Key Tips

Chances are, you already have a favorite outfit. When you put on that form-fitting little black dress or perfectly snug pair of jeans, you know you look good. You add those statement earrings to your look, and it’s suddenly a thousand times more fashionable.

However, you can’t wear that same outfit or use that sole accessory for every occasion. A few essential tips will help you ensure any outfit is all the more stylish, whatever your reason for wearing it.

Improve your accessories.

imgNo matter what makes up the rest of your outfit, the right accessory can give your look a whole new ambiance. A brightly colored pair of dangling earrings or a dainty set of rose gold hoops can change the focal point of any outfit.

A casual pairing of jeans and a graphic tee will instantly become more appropriate for a special occasion. A simple t-shirt dress will be work-ready with just a bit of sparkle. Visit your favorite shop and choose a few new pieces to add to your collection. You’ll be surprised how significant an impact a single new accessory can have on any outfit you have on hand.

Mix things up.

imgWhatever clothes and accessories you have on hand now, you can use them to make a whole new look. Put on that bold blouse in the back of your closet that still has its tags. Combine patterns you typically wouldn’t mix or add a single daring piece to your existing wardrobe.

For something extra-special, you could even look into creative fashion challenges to inspire a unique new outfit. Even celebrities get in on the fun, daring fans to take on their invitation to build a bold look.

Consult a professional.

imgOf course, you could turn to a professional designer or stylist for fashion tips. For an even easier task, though, you can turn to a different sort of clothing pro—your friendly neighborhood tailor. When your old favorite top no longer fits like it once did or those beautiful designer jeans were too good a sale to miss out on but don’t stay up around your waist, a good tailor can make all the difference in your style. Once your clothes are appropriately tailored, be sure you’re paying close attention to your clothes’ needs, like whether a piece should be dry cleaned or another should be laid flat to dry after washing.

Make the most of what you have.

imgWhen you aim to revamp your style, your first instinct might be to buy some new pieces. That isn’t a bad thing, but, in many cases, you can have a similar impact by revolutionizing the same clothes and accessories you’ve had for ages.

Sort through your closet and consider those pieces you don’t often wear. Can you upcycle what’s in your closet or combine them with a single new element to create a fresh look entirely? Chances are, you can recreate your existing clothes and accessories in a bold new style.

Break the rules.

imgWho says you can’t wear white after Labor Day or mix black with navy or brown? Your mom or societal norms might have hammered these “laws” into your brain from a young age, but many fashion rules aren’t so black and white. Give yourself a bit of flexibility to wear whatever you want, even if it’s a combination of styles that presumably breaks the presumed rules. You might find that it brings your outfit a new dose of fashion.

With a few new pieces or a fresh look at what’s already in your closet, you can restyle any outfit with a slight change or switch. Mixing a few components you wouldn’t have thought to previously or adding a new pair of statement earrings to your collection can be all it takes to give you a whole new look.

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