Wedding Day Fashion Tips For Men

images (1)Most men balk at the thought of having to attend a wedding. Do you too cringe when you find a wedding invitation in the mail, and think of the toasts and the strangers that you will have to attend to? There’s no way you can escape the wedding season, so if you are wondering about what to wear, then here are a few pointers. You can use these fashion tips for your own or somebody else’s wedding. Don’t spend sleepless nights wondering about just the right suit or tuxedo.


For men’s wedding fashion,it all starts with a suit. There’s one general rule if you are in the wedding party, you have to wear a tuxedo. You cannot go wrong with that. However, if you are attending it as a guest, then a suit is good enough. However, the style and colour of the suit depends on what has been specified in the wedding invite.

Black-tie only

This implies a formal wedding which means that you will have to wear a tuxedo even if you are just a guest. You can opt for a black jacket with satin lapels, a pair of trousers with side silken stripes, a bowtie and also a cummerbund.

Black tie preference

In this case, you can wear a white dinner jacket in spring and summer or a tuxedo. For a guest, a black or charcoal suit is perfect too.

Black tie option

This attire is usually preferred for weddings in daytime. While members of the wedding party can go on wearing day coats and suits, a guest can get by wearing a suit made of cotton, linen or tweed. You can even wear a coat in a classic dark colour.

Wedding accessories

It’s not just about the suit; it’s also about what you pair it with, whether it is cufflinks or even diamond eternity rings.

It is extremely important to wear a tie which is tied. So you have to ditch the bow ties and the clip on ties too. If you are wearing a tuxedo then the best option is to pair it with a silk or satin bowtie in black. You can always play safe and opt for a black tie.

Your choice of belt should be narrow, black and glossy or shiny. If you are wearing a tux, then you don’t really need a belt. For this wear a cummerbund, waistcoat and suspenders, or a mix and match of the three options.

Your outfit will not be complete without the right shoes. As you well know, shoes can make or break an outfit. Always go for plain black oxford shoes as these are the standard. For a daytime affair, brown shoes are good too. Forget the wing-tipped shoes or other such office options.

If you are planning on wearing cufflinks then they should be pearl ones or even silver for weddings in the daytime. For evening weddings and other events always go for black and gold ones. If you don’t have cufflinks, buy a good pair while shopping for diamond eternity rings.

A few tips

  • Don’t wear white coloured suits to any weddings in the daytime.
  • Avoid  sporty shoes, the denims, cargo pants like the plague.
  • If you are wearing  double breasted dinner jacket, then don’t unbutton it.

Remember that weddings are important events so dress to make an impression. Make sure your clothes are clean, tidy and appropriate to the occasion. Don’t be known as the person with bad dress sense.

About the author

Jay Grant is a men’s stylist and jewellery designer. He specialises in designing diamond eternity rings. Jay loves playing video games when he is away from work.



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