Green Coffee Supplements – Supplements For Weight Loss Without Exercise

The older people get the more conscious they are about their health, including their weight. There have been a lot of weight loss supplements ever since various health issues have been the main topic of the world. There has been indeed a lot that it took many people to try out these supplements only to realize they were faked by their seller or the supplement did not take effect due to their lack of participation of the program. The reason why some of the supplements do not work well with people is because they need to be coupled with proper exercises. People generally think that once they have already taken in these supplements, it will do its job in reducing weight without putting up any exercise. The bad side of most of these supplements is that they do require exercise so that it will be effective.

Right now, all those supplements that people think are ineffective are ignored and are looking for other weight loss supplements that does not require any physical work and that will help them reduce weight this is where green coffee bean extract comes into the picture.

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Lose Weight Without Exercise

The use of green coffee supplements just became very popular and high in demand when a certain celebrity doctor promoted its uses and explained how the green coffee bean works inside their body. Green coffee bean is just the usual coffee bean that is used to make coffee but the only difference is that they are not roasted, unlike the coffee beans where the color is already dark brown. For the weight loss to work, the coffee beans that are extracted raw should be left as it is and it will be made into supplements. If they are roasted the levels of Chlorogenic acid, the compound that is responsible for reducing weight, will be reduced and will no longer be effective. This means that the green coffee beans have more of this compound compared to the ones that are already roasted. Not only does it assist in losing weight but also beneficial for those who have diabetes and heart diseases.

Studies Suggests Effectiveness

A study was conducted last January 2012 in which the researchers were evaluating the results from 16 individuals in over 22 weeks. The study was conducted by the Psychology and Chemistry Department of the University of Scranton. The results shocked them. It showed great amount of reduction of their body weight in which they conclude that it is consistent with the human and the meta-analysis of obtaining the results with the study of green coffee bean for weight loss.

The studies suggest that the effectiveness of the green coffee supplements are true and these individuals did not even change their daily routine or lifestyle to see how effective the supplements are. They were able to lose 2 pounds in just a matter of 2 weeks without any changes with their lifestyle habits or diet. There are no side effects documented along the research and is proven safe to consume.

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