Have you ever bought a t-shirt or a dress online?

In recent years the sales of clothes online have recorded a strong increase probably because buying clothes online offers many advantages: you can buy the item directly from your home, discover and purchase all the assortment of a popular brand (shops generally sell only a selection of the brand’s assortment), profit from the best deals, virtually visit many stores in few minutes, buy products of stores located afar you…

Buying clothes online has also got some disadvantage: clothes cannot be tried and seen personally before the purchase and, in some case, the item does not respect the expectations. In order to avoid wrong purchases it is advisable, before the purchase, to read the reviews of other shoppers that have previously bought the item.

Nowadays there are several websites that sell clothes online so identifying the best deal available online for the item you are interested in could be very difficult and requires a lot of time spent on researches. The solution is offered by price comparator websites, websites that show the best deals available online for specific items. Through these website you can discover the best offers for the item you are searching for in a single page.

An useful and innovative tool for every person who want to buy products online is Oshopy, a visual price comparator website that includes also the reviews of shoppers and that allow users to discover what are the most appreciated items. For each product category, Oshopy shows a list of the best deals available on online marketplaces. This list is strongly influenced by users because each user can promote or kill each item displayed by pushing it up or down, so the items that appear in the first lines of the list are the most appreciated by users. Each user is also able to share his reviews about the items showed based on his experience.

For example, if you want to buy a dress online, you can consult this page http://www.oshopy.com/Shoes-Clothing-and-Accessories/Women-s-Clothing/ and discover the best deals available online and what are the most appreciated items by users. Selecting a single item you can discover what other users think about the product and, if you are interested in purchasing it, by clicking on the item you will be redirected to the seller’s webpage where you can buy the product.

Oshopy is completely free and everyone can participate.

Good purchases!

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