How to choose the right dress for Ladies’ Day

One of the biggest sporting events of the year is fast approaching – the Grand National. Whilst most men will be assessing the latest form guides to see who to put their money on, most women will be searching through an array of dresses to find the perfect one for Ladies Day. With so many dresses to choose from, it is difficult to narrow down your search to just one. But don’t worry, as this post is here to give you a helping hand!


Before revealing some of the best styles to wear on race day, it is important to point out that there is likely to be a strict dress code in place. This code will differ depending on the area of the racecourse you are situated in. You can easily be refused entry because of your choice of attire. So, make sure you check this out before you start searching for your dress.


Once you have done this you can start looking at all of the beautiful Ladies Day dresses that are available. The first thing you need to do is decide whether your dress is going to be the main attraction. Why is this decision important? Well, most ladies tend to wear a fascinator or a hat when they are spending a day at the races. You don’t want your dress and your fascinator to be competing with each other, as this can easily look like you have tried too hard and your style can appear confused. Is your dress going to be prominent? Or, do you want your fascinator to be the show stopper? This choice will influence the style of dress you select.


You should also play to your strengths. Take into consideration your body shape, your skin tone, and your hair shade. Do you have an hour glass shaped body? If so, wear a fitted V-neck dress. Do you have pale skin? If so, look for a dress in an earthy colour tone.


Colour is also an important point to consider. Thankfully we are entering the months where vibrant colours, pastel shades, and daring prints are the norm. Pastels, such as lilac and mint, are beautiful choices. They are the ideal option for those looking to create a pretty look. However, if you are going for something more striking, you will want a bolder shade. Bright colours, such as orange, can work really well as long as you let the dress do the talking and keep accessories to a minimal. Royal blue is always a recommended colour for ladies day. It is sophisticated and elegant. Moreover, because it isn’t too ‘in your face’, it allows you experiment with various silhouettes, cuts, and embellishments – not to mention accessories and makeup.


What style of dress is ideal for Ladies Day? Well, you have many different options to choose from. A pencil dress is one that never fails. It is sophisticated, stylish and classy. If you want something with a hint of sex appeal, a one shoulder bandage dress is ideal – opt for one that comes to your knees. If you go for a mini bandage dress you can easily look ready for a nightclub rather than a day at the races. Tulip shape dresses are at the height of fashion at the moment. Not only are they ideal for such an occasion in terms of image, but they are very comfortable too.


Last but not least, it goes without saying that you need to select a dress you feel comfortable in. If you aren’t confident, it will show. Yes, Ladies Day presents the perfect opportunity to take a fashion risk, yet it is also a day to be enjoyed to the fullest. We all know how horrible it is when you spend all day feeling self-conscious or are unsure about what you are wearing. So, bear in mind the advice that has been provided regarding various colours and different styles, yet don’t forget to be yourself and have fun with it too!



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