Top Men’s Fashion Upgrades for Spring 2014

Women aren’t the only ones keeping tabs on the new fashions, trying to stay relevant and trendy. Plenty of men are just as curious and want to upgrade their style for this upcoming spring. Well, to all those men looking for a guide to what’s hot, you need to look no further. This article is made just for you with only the best and most “in” in mind when it comes to fashionable accessories.

Top Men's Fashion

In as many colors you’d find looking in a candy store, mirrored sunglasses are in and a great way to make your mark. For those of you who see in black and white, Technicolor, green, and anything else, these glasses are a way to reflect that, literally and figuratively!

Often without your knowledge, credit card companies and government are putting rfid chips into your credit cards and identification which can lead to credit card and identity theft! But, luckily, that’s nothing the brains of the world couldn’t get around. Now we have rfid blocking wallets to protect you till the moment you pull your information out for a purchase! Keeping you safe and looking in the know, these wallets are a strong, smart, and sexy staple!

Bring that color from your eyes down to your toes and shoe the world your fashion feet! Style doesn’t take a day off, even when your sore feet are screaming for a vacation. But designers have taken this under consideration and have found a way to tie comfort right into their shoes by creating comfy sneakers in bold, bright colors!

Finally a classy, masculine way to tote your possessions around the town! Leather bags are chic, sturdy, and sexy and tie every outfit together in a great, fluid way! You no longer have to drag a briefcase around looking like an outdated, tired, over the top Wall Street business man; now you just look put together and smoking hot!

Adding a floral broach to your hat, collar, or suit is a big deal this spring, same with floral ties and prints. Fashion week has spoken and floral is “in” in a big way! It’s no longer just for women, the bright flowers and garden patch print is classy, fun, and attractive for both genders.

Floral isn’t the only formerly known feminine print that’s taken over menswear. Water color is filling the racks as well. With an array of neutrals, pale colors, and vibrant streaks, water color is making a bold statement this spring!

Spots are another big mark this spring. From simple black and white to turquoise and pink, spots are everywhere! On ties, blazers, shirts, pants, shorts, kilts, and absolutely anything else you can think of, spots are taking over!

It’s time to shed off those layers and experience the wonderful adventure of a new wardrobe. Spring is in the air and though these are the top men’s fashion upgrades, there are plenty more to look out and pick from to add to your closet. No need to be shy this spring, be bold and show your style to the world with all of these great new accessories and concepts! Let your personality shine and show your sex appeal! Stand up tall and show your colors!

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