What to wear to This Year’s Coachella Music Festival

As a teen, one of the best memories you can ever make is at a huge outdoor music festival. Uninterrupted time with friends, no parents, sleep, or responsibilities; just a week out in the sunshine and your favorite bands performing together live. We’re less than a month out from Coachella, one of the biggest and baddest music festivals on the west coast, and it promises to be incredible.

If you scored tickets to this sold out event, you’re probably scrambling to find boho and hippie-inspired apparel that will last the road trip out to California and keep you as cool as possible when exposed to the elements for three days straight. Here are a few outfit inspirations to get you ready to rock!


With no respite from the sun and dust, and thousands of bodies packed into a few stage areas, the more sparse your clothing options, the happier you’ll be. Music festivals are the most opportune time to fashion yourself in fringe style clothing, as well as tube and crop tops, like the strappy option above from Jimmy John. Skirts of all shapes and sizes will be welcome in this environment. Currently trending are the floor-length maxi skirts as well as wrap skirts like this African printed one sold online at Mogul.

You’ll need a pair of shades on hand at all times. Hippie-styled round John Lennon glasses are the perfect accessory for outdoor festivals. A watch will also be useful, since plugging in your phone at a charging station can cost a couple bucks, and no one wants to miss the set of the bands they paid to come see! Choose something with a leather strap like one of these watches from Invicta to complete your boho look.

Choosing comfortable footwear will be key for those 72 hours away – stick with sneakers, sandals, and ankle boots that can be worn for extended periods of time. Be sure to break them in before you go! Gladiator sandals are best for hot days, and close-toed boots like this pair from PacSun are essential for the big name performances that may include mosh pits, push pits, crowd-surfing, and lots of wild dancing.



Then again, if you plan on crowd surfing, you’d better forget the skirts! High waisted shorts like this distressed number from Etsy user Hanmattan are all the rage right now, although beware as most show off a lot of thigh.

You’ll absolutely need some kind of handbag on you for necessities like your cell phone, Chapstick, sunblock, cash and water bottle. Crossbody bags definitely do the trick, as you’ll want something low maintenance to keep your hands free. There are even hot and edgy fanny packs you can find online, though you may have to do some digging to find a cheaper alternative to Rebecca Minkoff’s heavy metal bag.

To help from turning your cheeks cherry red, grab a lightweight fedora hat to provide some shade, such as this straw pick from Lucky Brand Jeans. Don’t forget to pair your outfits with some cute bohemian accessories, like long, layered necklaces, wooden bracelets, and funky, oversized rings.

When packing, don’t forget a beat up pair of shower flip flops (if you get the chance to shower, that is), and lots of sunscreen!

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